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The Fifty Faces of JC Chasez - R

Title: The Fifty Faces of JC Chasez
Author: 10_rose
Rating: R
Characters: JC Chasez, *N SYNC
Notes: This was for 1sentencefic on Dreamwidth. Prompts 20 & 25 are based on an interview where he admitted to doing those. (Bonus!pic for prompt 47!)

1. Sound
Half the fun of writing music was the new sounds he could create.

2. Taste
The guys made fun of him, ordering “Rich People's Food”, but JC decided it was an acquired taste.

3. Party
The morning after he turned 26, he hazily remembered seeing all his friends, a sexy cake, and Justin dancing with a blow-up doll.

4. Hot
JC sometimes wore the oddest outfits just to see how many people told him he looked hot.

5. Flee
JC ran towards the noise coming from his living room, yelling, and was surprised to find someone fleeing out the door.

6. Apology
Justin had apologized for what his Super Bowl actions had done to Schizophrenic, and JC had forgiven him in a heartbeat.

7. Pride
Schizophrenic was just something fun to do, but when JC went on tour and saw the fan reactions, he started to feel proud of his music.

8. Denial
They denied they were breaking up to the media, but JC couldn't hide it from himself.

9. Mess
Fame, and the road to it, left a messy wake upon their personal lives.

10. Fate
There were days when JC wondered if the loneliness that lurked around the corner would be all that fate had left for him.

11. Stay
“Please, stay,” JC whispered as she started to leave.

12. Leave
JC watched as she left, leaving him with the nagging emptiness again.

13. Moon
They were going from place to place so fast, JC couldn't tell them apart in his mind, but the moon was the one constant wherever they went and he found comfort in that.

14. Brand
JC always thought he and the guys were a special brand of crazy those early days.

15. Charity
The best feeling he got as JC CHASEZ OF *N SYNC was when they helped the underprivileged kids.

16. Second Best
The media always said JC was second best to Justin, and he was just fine with that.

17. Passion
JC hoped his fans heard his heart and soul that he put into his music.

18. Fever
Sometimes the music just burrowed into his mind and lingered like a fever.

19. Hug
“The only thing you need to be a celebrity is a willingness to hug everyone,” JC mused as he posed for a photo with a fan.

20. Smoke
They were in Europe, it was legal, and JC took the weed that was offered to him.

21. Gloat
He admitted to being the cheapest, but he was glad to be known as the cheap one, the secret knowledge that he'll never be broke again comforted him.

22. Judge
JC doubted his ability to judge dance crews, but listened to his family and accepted the job with America's Best Dance Crew.

23. Defense
Schizophrenic was a bit of an inside joke of a title, and America needed to lighten up.

24. Sick
JC wished he had someone the most whenever he was feeling sick.

25. Altered State
The one and only time JC ever used 'shrooms, he awoke the next morning naked save for a sheet tied around his neck like a cape.

26. Slow
Justin once joked that JC was a bit slow on the uptake and the easiest to prank, but really JC was in his own world, listening to the music that only he could hear.

27. Tempted
Letting loose with Chris felt so good, just as much as it did to throw all his patio things into the pool.

28. New
They always spent the first day of a new tour on the same bus, the excitement in the air was jokingly referred to as “New Tour Smell”.

29. Hold On
They sorted through thousands of things the fans left for them at every venue, most got donated to local hospitals or shelters, but JC always saved one or two that he liked as mementos.

30. Safe
After being robbed, JC escaped to his Florida home, to be close to family, and to see if he could feel safe again.

31. Shock
The biggest shock of the year – besides being robbed twice – was how alive he felt when the police left.

32. Serious
The only thing JC was serious about from the get go was his finances.

33. Desk
JC always thought cliches were cheesy, but sex on a desk was a cliché for a reason.

34. Apron
The only time in his adult life JC wore an apron, the guys were so messy it didn't matter that he had.

35. Breakfast
JC was never one for breakfast, but when his family was in town, he did his best for his mom.

36. Harm
Accidents happen, and the one show they did early in their career in Germany certainly proved it, not one of them came off stage unscathed.

37. Muscle
Years after they broke up and he wasn't spending most of his time dancing for a few hours a day, JC decided it was time to join the gym.

38. Sharp
He sucked on his finger after he nicked it with the knife.

39. Fix
JC wished he could fix everything and they could tour again.

40. Flicker
The flicker of candlelight sometimes revved up JC's creative juices when he was writing.

41. Sweet
He discovered that he tended to want to go slow and sweet when he was in love.

42. Art
The best days on tour was when he could sneak away to a museum for a few hours.

43. Shade
The shade of Justin's shadow was both a relief – less paparazzi – and a curse – trying to break free.

44. Intelligent
The other guys always came to him for advice, and he asked Chris one time why that was, only to be surprised to find that they thought he was the wisest of them all.

45. Blood
Lou's betrayal of their trust made JC's blood boil long after they had won.

46. Laughter
An hour on the phone with either Chris or Joey would lift JC's spirits, because it meant an hour of near constant laughing.

47. Hair
JC wasn't sure exactly why he wore his hair like he had stuck his hand in the electrical outlet either.

48. Nature
One time, at an outdoor gig, a bird shat on JC while he was belting out his solo.

49. Speak Up
After what they went through with Lou, JC wasn't afraid to speak his mind in business meetings.

50. Animal
JC had to tear himself away from the cage to fill out the paper work to adopt Baron.

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