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Notes for all fics:

My betas: smirking_muse, oliviagurl, slytherin_lycan, conspiratorsb, dead_sexydexy, plynn78, englaroma, mollytype, Loz.

And to those whose input I would be lost without: Caitlin, Aly, Klaw, and whomever else talks to me when I'm writing!

Disclaimer: I am not in this to make money. Not at all. So if you recognize anything, I do not own it. And if you recognize it, you know who's putting their kids through uni with them.

Master Fic List by rating

Halftime - JC/Lance NC-17

Title: Halftime
Author: 10_rose
Rating: NC-17
Characters: JC Chasez, Lance Bass
Beta: None
Summary: JC, Lance, Storage closet.

HalftimeCollapse )

Are You Listening JC? It's Me, Margret

Title:Are You Listening JC? It's Me, Margret.
Author: 10_rose
Rating: PG-13
Characters: JC Chasez, 2 OFC
Summary: JC finds himself kidnapped by a fan.

Are You Listening JC Its Me MargretCollapse )

Rhai Merched - NC17 - Hermione/Ginny

Title: Rhai Merched
Author: belladoragirl
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Hermione Granger/Ginny Weasley
Beta: None, but looked at by a few friends
Summary: Hermione and Ginny have a rendezvous in the Room of Requirement.

Rhai MerchedCollapse )

The Fifty Faces of JC Chasez - R

Title: The Fifty Faces of JC Chasez
Author: 10_rose
Rating: R
Characters: JC Chasez, *N SYNC
Notes: This was for 1sentencefic on Dreamwidth. Prompts 20 & 25 are based on an interview where he admitted to doing those. (Bonus!pic for prompt 47!)

The Fifty Faces of JC ChasezCollapse )

Title: Weekend Getaway
Author: 10_rose
Rating: R
Characters: Justin Timberlake/OFC
Beta: conspiratorsb, penster
Summary: Justin has a rare weekend off.
Author's Notes: This was my Secret Santa fic for the Secret Santa on nsync-ficton.com. :)

Weekend GetawayCollapse )

Candencies - JC/OFCs - G

Title: Candencies
Author: 10_rose
Rating: G
Characters: JC Chasez + 3 OFCs - Melody, Arabella and Harmony
Beta: Conspiratorsb
Summary: JC spends a lazy Saturday afternoon with his girls. Part of the Rhythm verse.
Author's Notes: You don't have to read The Melody of Life or Melody's Harmony for this to make sense.

CandenciesCollapse )

Xenogazing - Rose, Jackie - G

Title: Xenogazing
Author: 10_rose
Rating: G
Characters: Rose, Jackie
Beta: DLH

XenogazingCollapse )

Weevil Hunting - Jack/Ianto - G

Title: Weevil Hunting
Author: 10_rose
Rating: G
Characters: Jack/Ianto
Beta: oliviagurl

Weevil HuntingCollapse )

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